Whitebank again raided by thieves

Date published: Friday, December 12, 2014
THIEVES have again raided Oldham Rugby League Club’s Whitebank Stadium — as they have done a few times in the past four years —- to make off with a tree shredding machine worth several thousand pounds.
To gain access to the shredder, which was on hire to the club, the raiders are thought to have used industrial cutting machinery to break into the stadium through the main gates.
They then drove a vehicle into the ground, loaded the shredder and made their get-away at some point after 11.30pm on Wednesday night.
Angry club chairman Chris Hamilton said: “We had an event in the club that night and when we locked up at 11.30pm everything was okay.
“The next morning, though, the big gates were found to be wide open and the shredder had gone.
“It’s a sickener because this type of incident seems to be happening all the time at Whitebank. It’s not long since the refreshment canteen was targeted.
“It’s a constant worry. It’s endless.
“We are urgently in need of help to catch these raiders. Somebody must surely have seen or heard something.
“It would appear that they knew the shredder was there, given that they had the machinery to  cut through the main gates in order to take a vehicle into the ground.”