What Scott said at the awards dinner

Date published: Monday, October 5, 2015
LOOKING back on a fabulous season in which Roughyeds won the League Leaders Shield and the League One Championship Trophy, not to mention promotion, Scott began his summing up at the awards dinner by thanking lots of people for their contribution and assistance.

He thanked the chairman, supporters, Oasis Academy Oldham, ORSA, ‘Spanner’ and his backroom staff and his full squad of players.
Talking of players, seven of them who didn’t play in the promotion final and thus didn’t get championship medals on the big day — Tom Ashton, Tom Dempsey, Richard Joy, David Hewitt, Elliott Liku, Steven Nield and Sammy Gee —- stepped on stage to receive them here.
Scott thanked each one of them and said that everything Oldham had achieved was achieved by the full squad and by each player in that squad “whether they played in one game or in 28.”
Of the training facilities Roughyeds use at Oasis Academy Oldham, Scott said: “They are a match for anything Super League clubs use and it makes a huge difference to what we do on the pitch. We are very lucky to have them.”
Turning to ORSA (Oldham Roughyeds Supporters Association), he said: “What you do for us is phenomenal. And it’s a real pleasure to have you around.”
In this promotion season, ORSA have assisted behind the scenes in various ways, including the funding of the squad’s nutritional requirements, as well as organising two fund-raising functions for supporters in the hospitality suite on match days.
Thanking ‘Spanner’ (his No 2) and his backroom staff, Scott went on: “We don’t have a lot of staff but we all muck in to make things right for the lads. That goes for me and the staff and for everyone else at this club. We just get on with it.”
Turning to his players, he said: “They work hard, do everything we ask of them and make our job quite easy. You can’t win anything without good players.
“They have done something (winning promotion) that no other Oldham team has done in the last nine years and for that they will always be remembered by this club. They can be proud of that, without any doubt.”
‘Spanner’ (Lee Spencer) said: “Everything Scott and I do is for the right reasons. We are driven. We don’t always agree, but things always come out right.
“There is something inside us, Scott especially, that drives us forward and will drive this club forward — and we want people to believe in us.”