What Scott said……

Date published: Monday, March 10, 2014

SCOTT Naylor found it hard to come to terms with the fact that Roughyeds dropped a point at home after leading 16-0 at half-time and 20-12 with only three minutes left.

They still get two league points from the 20-20 draw with Hemel Stags, but the Oldham boss was far from happy with his side’s second-half performance and the contributions of some players, of whom he expected much more.
Without naming names, he said: “I was especially disappointed with the second-half offerings of players whom I thought would be better in their understanding of what was expected of them.
“Hemel are a good side and we have to congratulate them for having the energy and enthusiasm to come back at us and snatch a draw on the last play of the last set of the game.
“That said, our second-half defence was no more than average. And why on earth we tried to run the ball on the last tackle when we were four points up with a minute to go I’ll never know.
“All we had to do at that stage was to put a kick in and defend the last set in their half of the field and we would have won the game.
“Instead, we turned the ball over to them on half way, gave field position away and on the back of that conceded an equalising try in the dying seconds.
“That just about summed up our second half in a nutshell.
“I was pleased with the first half, but near the end came the first signs that we were moving away from what was working well for us.
“After speaking about that at half-time, I was hopeful that we would revert to what we do best, but the simple fact is we didn’t and we paid the price for not doing.
“We didn’t match Hemel’s zest and enthusiasm after the break. We gave them too much field position and too much ball with the result that we had too much defending to do near our own try line.
“I’m very disappointed because after what happened last year (Roughyeds lost their first two home games in the league and then lost only one more all season) we were determined to get off to a flying start this year. We haven’t.
“About this stage of the season last year Oxford came here to haunt us, and now it’s happened again.
“I’ll get things right, make no mistake, but it’s frustrating when you are so close to winning and then you let it slip.”