Website helps build World Cup legacy

Date published: Thursday, December 5, 2013

The RFL’s comprehensive information website,, has been redeveloped and updated to help meet a massive surge in interest in becoming involved in Rugby League.

Thousands of people experienced the sport for the first time during Rugby League World 2013 and outlines how they can engage in a whole variety of ways, including playing, coaching, watching and officiating.

The information has been specifically written for people new to Rugby League to provide a clear explanation of different areas of the game they may wish to become involved with.

There site features an online form so people can receive more details about the areas they are interested in and how they can become involved in Rugby League. It is also suitable for people looking to return to the sport, including those who have played previously and who have been inspired by RLWC2013 to take up touch rugby league or become involved in coaching.

RFL Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer said: “Rugby League World Cup 2013 has generated a tremendous amount of new interest in Rugby League and the extraordinary site will continue to provide an effective way to for people to find out how to play, watch, coach or officiate in the sport, as well as providing the location of your nearest club and how to buy tickets for major events like Magic Weekend 2014.”

During RLWC2013 the site included information about the venues for World Cup matches and the site has now been redeveloped to provide information for new fans on the location of their nearest Super League and Kingstone Press Championships club with a postcode locator.

The site also provides information on the major Rugby League events for 2014, including Magic Weekend and the Super League Grand Final, as well as how fans can buy their tickets for these events.

Magic Weekend is a great example of a major event unique to Rugby League where new fans will be able to see all the Super League Players, many of whom stared in the World Cup, over one amazing weekend at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on May 17 and 18.

The RFL are working with all levels of the game from community to the professional level to help to grow the game and are engaged in a number of initiatives to capture interest from RLWC2013.

These include a series of workshops designed to help community clubs capitalise on the success of the tournament, which are now being rolled out across the country.

Sixty six clubs have already participated in the ‘Welcoming Clubs Workshops’ where club representatives are provided with a range of free resources, including a ‘Grow your club’ brochure as well as the necessary tools for developing a welcoming environment that delivers the best sporting experience all year round. Following the success of the first workshops and level of interest the RFL will now host additional workshops for clubs in the South East, Midlands and North East.