Watersheddings memories

Date published: Monday, November 15, 2010

Watersheddings Memories, the latest book from the Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust is a fascinating collection of photographs and images all of which are centred in and around the famous old ground that was for so long the home of Oldham Rugby League Football Club.

As you would expect many of the photographs are of rugby league action but that is not all. ‘Sheddings was also witness to lots of other activities. Did you know for instance, that for over forty years it was also the home of Oldham Cricket Club, that international soccer stars Tom Finney, Bill Shankly, Stan Mortensen and Jack Rowley played there and that an England women’s soccer side took on the French? That Great Britain rugby league hard man Don Vines wrestled the Outlaw and that those famous league stars Jim Sullivan and Gus Risman played pro baseball in the stadium? The camera lens has recorded these and other intriguing and unusual events – most of which are illustrated in the book.

But, first and foremost, Watersheddings was famous for being the home of Oldham Rugby League Football Club and for over a century was graced by the most famous players of the sport, both professional and amateur. Thousands of us, some scattered to the four corners of the earth, will each cherish our own memories, whether it might be a packed to the rafters, thrill-a-minute Tuesday night cup replay, a Good Friday morning Standard Cup final or queuing at half-time for a plastic cup of lukewarm coffee in the driving rain.

Watersheddings Memories

Many of the photographs and images featured originated from both the national and local press – particularly the Oldham Chronicle – but others, some grainy and dilapidated they may be, have been prised from albums, old chocolate boxes and top drawers from far and wide!

This limited edition is a must and sure to be a sell out. It’s a big book – 400 landscape pages x A4 and it’s hard-backed all for just £20 – the ideal Christmas present! Copies available from the club’s offices and most good book retailers.