Tony Benson said…

Date published: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tony Benson had this to say at his post-match media conference following the 24-22 defeat by Championship side Sheffield Eagles at Sedgley Park on Monday night:

“It’s nice to know that you reporters think our performance was a creditable one, but to be honest I am a bit tired of credibility after games that we should be winning.

“Two ten-minute spells cost us the game and in the dressing room everyone is very disappointed because we genuinely believed we were capable of winning this game.

“Of course, we are a young side and we will learn from these things. We have learned a few lessons already this year and the good thing is that we are actually learning and thus improving match on match.

“There was a lot more cohesion on attack tonight and in general terms the defence was very good again.

“It was a blow to lose Mick Fogerty and Danny Whitmore through injury. It meant we had to swop things about a bit but everyone just changed positions smoothly and we just got on with it.

“Foggy couldn’t possibly come back because he was having trouble breathing. We had to get the doctor to him because he was quite sick in the dressing room. Danny took a nasty blow to the neck.

“It affected our use of subs and we certainly couldn’t afford to give penalties away so that is one of the things we need to look at.

“We are out of the Northern Rail Cup now but it has done a job for us in that, having started late, we have needed this competition to sharpen us up, sort one or two things out and generally prepare ourselves for the league comp.

“We have worked hard on our defence; we are now starting to improve our attack; and on the evidence of tonight’s game we need to improve our kicking game. We let them off the hook with poor kicking which invariably allowed them to restart on the 22 when we should have been winning back-to-back sets.

“If we had picked up a couple of back-to-back sets I think that would have made all the difference in a tight game.

“Another thing I have learned from the NRC is that every member of our senior squad, from one to 25, is worthy of a spot and that is very encouraging and very pleasing.

“I know it wasn’t Sheffield’s absolute best team but it was the best team they could field tonight and we can only play what’s in front of us.

“We should have won the Hunslet game and we should have won tonight’s game but after each game so far we have learned something from it and, just as importantly, we have put things right next time out.”

He was asked about the proposed new home for the club at White Bank Road — and his eyes lit up.

“We are all really excited about it,” he said. “Really happy. It will make such a huge difference to be going ‘home’ all the time; to be playing on a ‘home’ pitch; and to be in a place where we can get together with our supporters and share the match-day experience with them.

“These are very exciting times for us and I know the players are very excited about what is happening.”