Things they said…

Date published: Friday, June 18, 2010

Taken from the Oldham Advertiser: “England international Kevin Sinfield believes Oldham Roughyeds have the potential to become a Super League club.

“Sinfield, Oldham born and bred, has become a legend at Leeds Rhinos, but his heart is still with his hometown club and he believes Oldham are on the up.

“Said Sinny: ‘When Chris Hamilton came in with the new directors they were chasing the eight ball because a lot of the lads had left and people want to play Super League. Unfortunately, the old Oldham Bears got relegated and that left a bit of a void.

‘But thankfully they’ve got a club up and running and hopefully they can build and eventually progress to becoming a Super League club. Until that point it is going to be difficult to attract the best local lads. Some great talent has come out of Oldham.

‘If the club can finish the season well and get good support in the play-offs, who knows what they can achieve.’ ”

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Taken from the Oldham Evening Chronicle (Tony Benson talking about Chris Clarke): “He has been outstanding all year. In pre-season he trained the house down and he’s put on some serious weight — he’s a big kid now.

“Then he had his injury setback (Clarke broke his wrist in a Northern Rail Cup tie against Sheffield), but he worked harder than ever to get past that.

“He follows instructions to the letter and always takes advice on board.

“Loose-forward is a very difficult position, as you have to swop between playing as a prop and being a ball player who provides support.

“He is the best player we have for that as it suits his skills and power. He also has a big engine and can go for long periods. That can make life difficult for a coach as it is sometimes difficult to see when he is tired.

“He is a good kid as well, and his heart and sould are Oldham. He is passionate about doing well.”