The Great Fence

Date published: Friday, April 30, 2010

The ‘Great Fence’
(Dedicated to Graham, Graeme, Sam, John and others.)

The Great Wall of China counts for nothing,
And Hadrian’s Wall is just nowt,
But the ‘Great Fence’, built by Graham and Graeme,
Now that job really has got some clout!

They started on the fence one rainy Monday,
And worked on it for many, many days,
Though the job turned out to be a grueller,
Their enthusiasm you just could not faze.

The fence stretches off into the distance,
Straight on till it’s way out of sight,
And seein’ as ‘ow it’s painted so pale like,
It even shows up in the night!

So this poem is a real, heartfelt tribute,
To those builders of unquenchable will,
Even to he who lay in the wheelbarrow,
They say his muscles are screaming still!!

Grant Somerville April 2010.