Thanks for the memory, Nigel

Date published: Tuesday, August 19, 2014
THE late Nigel Marland will never be forgotten in Oldham Rugby circles, and we are delighted to publish this picture of the Sparshott family from Somerset, and ex of Oldham, who are proudly wearing replica jerseys in memory of a man who touched their lives in many different ways.
Writes Bari W Sparshott:
“Nigel and I go back to 1974, when he arrived to teach history at Greenhill School, where I was Head of Art. In fact, I painted the mural in The Lyceum that features Nigel and Mike Russell. When Greenhill closed as a secondary school in 1977 we both moved to Hathershaw where we spent the rest of our careers, until Nigel retired with heart trouble, and I retired to move down here to Somerset, with my wife Lois, and our children, Rory and Madeleine ( both Oldham born).
“Nigel featured hugely in all our lives. He was godfather to both our children, he was the Best Man at our wedding, and he was the compere/heckler to the Gruntenfahrtenchukchuk Band, a “Bavarian” offshoot from Dobcross Band, of which I was the drummer. He also compered Dobcross Band itself on our trips abroad, to Holland and Denmark.
“Nigel and I often ran school trips together, to France and Germany. He also introduced me to the delights of Oldham RLFC. All four of us are proud to wear the shirt, and the fact that it has our mate’s name on it, gives us much pleasure.
So, the photograph shows all of us in the shirt, in the garden. My wife Lois, ( known as Lois Elsden to ex-Hathershaw pupils), our son Rory, who once played for Saddleworth Rangers with George Ford, the England RU 10, our daughter Madeleine, who also played RL with Rangers, and myself, who an ex-pupil once described as “a so-and-so Hathershaw legend!”
I wish you all the best of luck in this and future seasons.

Bari W Sparshott