Tenors of Rock – In Memory of Danny Jones

Date published: Monday, June 15, 2015
THE Tenors of Rock, backed by Keighley Cougars, have re-released their single ‘Brothers In Arms’ (In Memory of Danny Jones) for the benefit of the Just Giving DannyJones29 fund that has been set up for his five month old twins Bobby and Phoebe.
Sales of the single are going well and you can buy it on iTunes on this link itun.es/gb/Ng4I7 on Amazon, or on Google Play. The cost is 79p and all profits will go into the fund. Proceeds will help Danny’s little family and, in a wider sense, the higher this single gets up the charts the greater the benefit to the rugby league family and sport. Thank you for your help and support so far —Gary Fawcett, chairman,- Keighley Cougars.