Takeover? ‘Fantastic’, say Chris

Date published: Friday, September 13, 2013

CHRIS Hamilton has welcomed wealthy Dr Marwan Koukash’s interest in taking over Oldham Rugby League Club.

Commenting on reports that the millionaire racehorse magnate and new owner of Salford Red Devils wanted to buy Oldham Athletic and Oldham Roughyeds, and build a new stadium for them in the town, Hamilton exclaimed: “Fantastic . . . bring it on.”

Roughyeds are already linked to the newly-named Red Devils under an RFL initiative which encouraged clubs in both Championship divisions to form associations with Super League clubs for mutual benefit.

The Roughyeds’ chief, owner, chief executive and chairman of Oldham RLFC (1997) Ltd, has had an unbroken connection with the club since its formation in 1997 following the demise of the original Oldham club with debts of more than £2 million.

Hamilton has never flinched in his resolve to keep the club afloat, but he has often said publicly that he would welcome interest from other parties.

Speaking on local radio last night, he said: “At risk of becoming a bore, I will reiterate what I have said many times: if somebody comes forward who is in a better position than I to take the club forward and fulfil the ambitions of fans, players, coaches and myself then I would welcome it.

“I’m not sure people believe me, but I’ve said it often enough and that’s how it is.

“This latest interest is positive news and hopefully it will develop.

“I’m not here to wage a one-man campaign. Interested parties don’t have to replace me. If they want to come on board and work with me that’s fine.”