Sunday’s game – co-operation

Date published: Friday, May 7, 2010

ROUGHYEDS are asking for the understanding and co-operation of fans to ensure that their first game at the Whitebank Stadium against York on Sunday (3.00pm kick off) runs smoothly, efficiently and with as little disruption to local residents as is possible.

Fans are urged to arrive early as a bigger-than-usual attendance is anticipated and early arrival will ease pressure on the turnstiles.

The clubhouse outside the ground will be open from noon (last orders pre-match at 2.30) and again after the match.

Refreshments will be available in the club before and after the game and also in the ground before and during the game.

Streets in the area will be coned off, but there will be parking for £1 on club car parks manned by stewards. The parking areas are situated down one side of the ground and behind the posts at the bottom end. When these are full there is an overspill car park about 50 yards further down White Bank Road on the left.

It is essential that the club avoids problems with nearby residents so fans are urged to respect this, use the car parks and park sensibly and with due consideration for residents. The stewards will assist in this, but if fans can either walk to the ground or use public transport that would be a huge help.

The car park charge of just £1 was fixed to encourage use of the designated areas and to show the club’s appreciation of spectator co-operation.

There are only two turnstiles — another reason for early arrival — and these will open at 1.45pm.

Admission is £10 adults, £8 concessions and £3 under-16s (all standing). First call on a limited number of seats goes to season-ticket holders but if there are empty seats at 2.45pm they will be made available generally on payment of a £2 transfer.

Stewards will be there to assist fans with the layout of the ground and to assist in the smooth running of the operation.

Fans are also asked to understand that this is a ‘first’ for the Oldham club, its staff, stewards and safety officer and co-operation at all times would be hugely appreciated for the benefit of all concerned and in the interests of the smooth running of the operation.