Standard Cup

Date published: Monday, May 19, 2014
OLDHAM RLFC (1997) Ltd would like to make known its position relative to the venue of the Oldham Amateur League’s Standard Cup final.

This year, not for the first time, this prestigious event in local rugby league circles was staged at the Manor Park home of Oldham Rugby Union Club in Bardsley.
On Thursday, May 15, the Oldham Evening Chronicle published a story in which the Oldham Amateur League said there were costs associated with playing the final at Whitebank whereas Oldham RUFC was the more economical option because they did not charge a penny.
That could easily lead people to believe that Oldham Rugby League Club were either not too concerned about having the final at Whitebank or, worse still, wanted it there in order to make financial capital.
Neither could be further from the truth.
Said club chairman Chris Hamilton: “One of the first things we did when we moved into Whitebank in 2010 was to have talks with the Oldham Amateur League with regard to the possibility of staging the Standard Cup final at our ground.
“We were NOT looking to make money out of it, but the fact is that every time we open the ground to stage a match we incur considerable costs in order to meet the RFL’s terms and conditions.
“For instance, we have to have stewards inside the stadium for every game and that is only one of several associated costs that have to be met every time we open the turnstiles.
“We gave the Oldham Amateur League an indication of what those costs would be and we also suggested that it would be in everyone’s best interests to have in place a multi-year agreement. That was put to them merely as an option, and only an option.
“We would love to see the Standard Cup final played at Whitebank at the home of the town’s professional rugby league club — as it was traditionally in Watersheddings days —- but we are not in a position to lose money on it which is what would happen if we were to meet essential costs ourselves.
“In short, we would love to see this showpiece event at Whitebank and hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.
“Regarding cost implications, we are not looking to make money, but neither are we in a position to cover the costs ourselves.”
Hopefully, that will have cleared up any misapprehension surrounding the final. The best wishes of everyone at Whitebank, chairman, staff, coaches and players, go to the Oldham League for the rest of this season and beyond.