St Helens Car Parking for supporters

Date published: Thursday, April 19, 2012


Council Car Parking Advice

With effect from Friday February 10, St. Helens Council has introduced a £1 charge on the following car parks for Saints’ Home Matches:

  1. Tontine Car Park
  2. Chalon Way Car Park (WA10 1BF)
  3. The Old Tesco Car Park Link Way (WA10 1BF)

The £1 fee is payable on entry, and the Council have asked anyone intending to use these car parks can have the correct amount payable available to avoid congestion.

Contact the Council

Telephone: 01744 676789 (8:00am to 8:00pm weekdays, 10am to 2pm Saturdays)
Fax: 01744 676895

Disabled Car Parking

St Helens policy for spectators with disabilities can be found at including information on parking.

There are dedicated accessible car parking spaces which are located at the rear of the North West and South East Stands; they are both accessed from Peasley Cross Lane. The number of available spaces at the New Stadium is considerably improved from Knowsley Road but obviously there are still limitations