Scott’s squad rotation policy

Date published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014
SCOTT Naylor left out club captain Lewis Palfrey from his Oldham side that won at Gloucester — and then revealed that he will continue to rotate his squad over the next couple of months.
It’s part of a strategy designed to keep players on their toes and to provide him with his best and strongest squad come play-off time.
The other significant change saw the return of Jason Boults at prop, after two games out, in place of on-loan Alex Davidson from Salford.
Both Palfrey and Davidson travelled to Cheltenham in case they were needed.
Said Naylor: “I needed to look at Steve Roper. For him to come in, another half-back had to drop out. Simple as that. I might change things round again next week.
“The same applied to Boults and Davidson.
“I’ve got a lot of quality lads now. They all want to play. 
“Come the business end of the season we need to be at our best and playing the strongest side we have.
“That’s what I’m trying to work on. We need pressure for places.
“As of now, Palfrey, Robinson and Roper are half-backs who all play here, but I can only play two of them at any one time.
“It’s good to know we can win matches with any combination from those three — and it would be good to know that it could work in other areas of the team as well.
“I’ll continue to make minor changes over the next few weeks because we’ve got a long run of tough games now and that’s what the squad is for.
“I thought Steve Roper played well considering it was his first game for several weeks.
“Fitness is clearly not a problem for him because he played the full game. I expected him to be a little bit rusty, but he certainly wasn’t that. He was fine. I thought he did well.”
Roughyeds have a double bill at Whitebank next weekend. The under-20s are at home to Sheffield Eagles on Saturday (2.30pm) and Naylor’s men face London Skolars at the same venue on Sunday (3pm).
Hit by injuries before and during the game, Neil Roden’s under-20s were beaten 40-26 by Cumbria Regional Academy at Barrow on Saturday.