Scott ready for play-offs

Date published: Monday, August 19, 2013
SCOTT Naylor is preparing his Oldham RL squad to win promotion the hard way via the play-offs.

Roughyeds, current leaders of Championship One, will go up automatically if North Wales Crusaders lose one of their remaining two games without gaining a bonus point.

Coach Naylor doesn’t believe it will happen.

He said: “I don’t see them losing another game. In any case we can’t be sitting around waiting for Crusaders to slip up.

“It’s four weeks before our first play-off tie, and we might not be mathematically certain of our fate until September 1 when Crusaders are at home to South Wales.

“We can’t waste all that time. We’ve got to assume we will be in the play-offs and act accordingly.

“We might be playing a friendly to keep our intensity levels where they should be, but anyone carrying a bump or knock will not be included. We won’t be taking chances.

“If we finish second with a young squad, the players will deserve a lot of credit.”

Looking ahead to possible play-offs, he added: “We could have only one game ¬†between now and the play-off final at the end of September.

“I might be presuming a lot to think we’ll win one game and then go straight into the final, but its a scenario that could happen and it’s something we need to be thinking about.”

Club chairman Chris Hamilton said: “Whenever we are called upon to play next, we will be ready. Scott (Naylor) will see to that.

“We have plenty of work to do for the rest of this season and there is also stuff going on behind the scenes for next season.”