Roughyeds TV popular with fans

Date published: Monday, November 8, 2010

Roughyeds TV — seen on the Home Page of our website at — is updated as often as is possible and is proving extremely popular with fans.

It was launched on March 4, 2010 and in the eight months of operation we have posted 22 different videos, excluding match highlights provided by 1to1 DVD Productions.

Figures released on Friday, November 5 show a total of 11,444 views across the 22 videos at an average of 520 hits per video, more than some clubs get as an average gate in Co-operative Championship One.

Of the 22 videos the one that proved the most popular was that featuring the race at Whitebank between our wingers John Gillam and Lucas Onyango, which had 1,481 views, almost three times the average.

The video featured currently was put together originally for showing at the 2010 awards dinner and we believe it will be warmly welcomed by supporters who were not present at the dinner. Please note that it was shown before the Grand Final. Nevertheless, it highlights the fighting spirit of the squad in 2010 and the determination of club and fans to pull things round and make it a season to remember.

Roughyeds TV is a main feature of our website, but we also pride ourselves on providing an almost day-to-day news service for fans which we firmly believe won’t be matched anywhere outside of Super League.

So if you are a Roughyeds fan and are interested to know what’s going on at the club why not visit our website on a regular basis for all the latest information and news releases.