Roughyeds newest supporter

Date published: Thursday, July 8, 2010

There’s nothing like starting ’em young when it comes to introducing new fans to the delights of watching the Roughyeds. Lifelong fan Kath Cooper clearly thought so too when she took her daughters Jane and Karen, and her grandchildren, all the way to Gateshead to shout for Roughyeds in our win at the Gateshead International Arena last Sunday.

Joseph, aged 15 months, seemed fascinated by the noise, movement and colour, but he was a veritable veteran at this rugby stuff when compared with the club’s newest and youngest fan, his sister Bonnie, aged FIVE WEEKS.

Said Kath: “Two more Roughyeds fans in the making. In years to come this will be a picture they will treasure . . . especially if they have grown up as real supporters. If its anything to do with me they certainly will.”

Jane, the children’s mum, is on the left with Joseph; then it’s Karen with Bonnie; and proud mum and grandparent Kath on the far right, ready to cheer the Roughyeds on to victory, as she has done all her life.