Roger Halstead

Date published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ROUGHYEDS’ media manager Roger Halstead summed up his Wembley experience on Saturday in one word — awesome.

The 72-year-old former Chronicle rugby league writer literally flew the flag for Oldham
Rugby League Club at the Wigan Warriors v Hull FC Tetley’s Challenge Cup final.

He was one of 95 representatives of the clubs that set out on the Wembley trail and who were invited to form a guard of honour, with flags bearing their club crests, for the two teams as they entered the famous stadium in front of a crowd of 78,000.
Said Roger: “It was one of those experiences you never forget. Sitting high up in the stand you can’t comprehend what the atmosphere is like at pitch level.
“To be down there during the singing of ‘Abide With Me’ and the national anthem was awesome. And even though it was raining it was extremely hot and humid.
“No words of mine can adequately describe what a privilege it was to represent Oldham Rugby League Club on such an occasion.”