Putting the record straight

Date published: Saturday, August 22, 2015
OLDHAM RLFC wishes to assure supporters that if promotion is achieved the club WILL be competing next season in the Kingstone Press Championship.

Headlines in the Oldham Evening Chronicle such as ‘Promotion bombshell’ and ‘Don’t ‘Bank’ on it’ could easily have given the impression that promotion would be in doubt even if the team qualified to go up with results on the field.
Whitebank does not, at present, meet minimum standards so, as was reported in the statement from the club, alternative options have been put to the RFL.
The RFL, said club chairman Chris Hamilton, has since confirmed that the Oldham club meets the promotion criteria.
He added: “We need to put the record straight. If the players earn the right to go up, then we’ll go up.
“Our sole focus is for the team to keep on delivering the kind of performances and results they have produced all season so that we can achieve our goal, which is to get out of this division (League One).
“Everything else is in place and nothing should detract us from what we are trying to achieve on the field over the next few weeks.
“We hope there will be a big turn-out of fans at Whitebank on Sunday to cheer on the team to what we hope will be one step nearer our goal.”