Prediction League Fixture Lists

Date published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prediction League Fixtures



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Rd 1 Friday, 29 March Gloucester All Golds V Oxford      
  Friday, 29 March London Skolars V Hemel Stags      
  Friday, 29 March Oldham V Rochdale      
  Monday 1 April South Wales V North Wales      
Rd 2 Saturday 13 April Oxford V South Wales      
  Sunday, 14 April Gloucester All Golds V Oldham      
  Sunday, 14 April Hemel Stags V Gateshead Thunder      
  Sunday, 14 April North Wales V London      
Rd 3 Sunday, 28 April Hemel Stags V Gloucester All Golds      
  Sunday, 28 April North Wales V Gateshead      
  Sunday, 28 April Oldham V Oxford      
  Sunday, 28 April South Wales V Rochdale      
Rd 4 Sunday 5 May Gateshead V Gloucester All Golds      
  Sunday 5 May London V South Wales      
  Sunday 5 May Oxford V Hemel Stags      
  Sunday 5 May Rochdale V North Wales      

Rd 5



Sunday, 12 May










S Wales





  Sunday, 12 May Hemel Stags V Oldham        
  Sunday,  12 May Oxford V North Wales        
  Sunday, 12 May Rochdale V London        







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Rd 6 Sunday,2 6 May Rochdale V London      
  Sunday, 26 May Gloucester All Golds V Rochdale      
  Sunday,2 6 May London V Oxford      
  Sunday,2 6 May Oldham V Gateshead      





Rd 7



Sunday, 2 June


North Wales




Gloucester All Golds





  Sunday, 2 June Oldham V London      
  Sunday, 2 June Oxford V Gateshead      
  Sunday, 2 June Rochdale V Hemel Stags      
Rd 8 Sunday, 9 June Gateshead V London      
  Sunday, 9 June Gloucester All Golds V South Wales      
  Sunday, 9 June North Wales V Oldham      
  Sunday, 9 June Rochdale V Oxford      
Rd 9 Sunday, 16 June Gateshead V Rochdale      
  Sunday, 16 June Hemel Stags V North Wales      
  Sunday, 16 June London V Gloucester All Golds      
  Sunday, 16 June South Wales V Oldham      





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Rd 10 Sunday 23 June Gloucester All Golds V North Wales      
  Sunday 23June London V Rochdale      
  Sunday 23 June Oldham V Hemel Stags      
  Sunday 23June South Wales V Oxford      


Rd 11 Sunday, 30 June South Wales V Hemel Stags



  Sunday, 30 June Gateshead V Oldham      
  Sunday, 30 June North Wales V Rochdale      
  Sunday, 30 June Oxford V Gloucester All Golds      
Rd 12 Sunday, 7 July Hemel Stags V Rochdale      
  Sunday, 7 July London V Gateshead      
  Sunday, 7 July Oxford V Oldham      
  Sunday, 7 July South Wales V Gloucester All Golds      
Rd 13 Sunday 14 July Gateshead V Oxford      
  Sunday 14 July Gloucester All Golds V Hemel Stags      
  Sunday 14 July Oldham V South Wales      
Rd 14 Sunday, 28 July Gloucester All Golds V London      
  Sunday, 28 July Oldham V North Wales      
  Sunday, 28 July Oxford V Rochdale      
  Sunday, 28 July South Wales V Gateshead      




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Rd 15 Sunday 4 August Gateshead V N Wales      
  Sunday 4 August Hemel Stags V Oxford      
  Sunday 4 August London V Oldham      
  Sunday 4 August Rochdale V South Wales      


Rd 16 Sunday, 11 August North Wales V Hemel Stags      
  Sunday, 11 August Oldham V Gloucester All Golds      
  Sunday, 11 August Rochdale V Gateshead






  Sunday, 11 August




South Wales










Rd 17 Thursday 15August Rochdale V Oldham      
  Sunday, 18 August Gloucester All Golds V Gateshead      
  Sunday, 18 August Hemel Stags V London      
  Sunday, 18 August North Wales V Oxford      
Rd 13 Friday 23 August London V North Wales      


Rd 18 Sunday, 1 September Gateshead V Hemel Stags      
  Sunday, 1 September North Wales V South Wales      
  Sunday, 1 September Oxford V London      
  Sunday, 1 September Rochdale V Gloucester All Golds      

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