Prediction League 2013

Date published: Friday, February 15, 2013



The competition will run throughout the Kingstone Press Championship 1 season proper and will not include the play offs.  The overall winner will be the person at the end of the season who has accumulated the most points.  There will also be winners at the end of each month and stage winners.  Stage 1 Rounds 1-6, Stage 2 Rounds 7-12 and Stage 3 Rounds 13 – 18.


Prizes will be announced once the number of participants are known and will include match tickets, club merchandise, season tickets and hospitality places.


I have used the same points system as last season as I feel it succeeded in giving a wider spread of points and rewarded excellence further.


Predict the winning team                                              5 points

Predict a draw                                                              10 points

Bonus Points

Predict the exact score                                                   20 points

Predict between 1&3 points (accumulated)                   10 points

Predict between 4&6 points (accumulated)                     8 points

Predict between 7&9 points (accumulated)                     6 points

Predict between 10&12 points (accumulated)                 4 points

Predict between 13&15 points (accumulated)                 2 points

Accumulated scores mean the difference between your predicted score for each team and the actual scores for each team.

Examples with an actual score of Oldham 36 Rochdale 12

Predicted score Oldham 32 Rochdale 16.

The accumulated difference would be 8 and you would get 11 points (5 for the winning team and 6 for the accumulated difference.)

Predicted score Oldham 22 Rochdale 8

This time the accumulated difference would be 18 and you would get 5 points only for the correct result.

Predicted score Oldham 36 Rochdale 12

You would score 25 points for correct score and result

Examples with actual score of Oldham 20 Rochdale 20

Predicted score Oldham 18 Rochdale 18

This time the accumulated difference would be 4 and you would score 18 points, 10 for the predicted draw and 8 for the accumulated difference.

This year there will be no bonus points for the accumulated difference if you get the result wrong.




Lansdowne Rd





Dear Supporter,

We are once again running a prediction league for the 2013 season.  Not only does it provide much needed revenue for the club but has proved to be fun for those participating and friendly rivalry ensues.  I am hoping we can get 50 members this season and raise £1000 for the club.  I look forward to welcoming back old friends and new members.




The application form can be filled in manually and sent with a cheque for £20 made out to ORLFC to the clubs offices (See above address) or filled in online on the club’s website [ Click on The Fans and then Prediction League] and sent to If this route is chosen a cheque for £20 should also be sent to the club offices stating your prediction nickname and your name, address, phone number and e mail address.


If you sent your application by post, once your cheque has been received, you will be sent lists of fixtures for the 18 rounds to be filled in. You should fill in your name and nickname on all fixture sheets. The same fixture lists will be placed on the website for online entries. (Suggest you put in predictions, copy and paste them and then e-mail.)

You may make your predictions in one of three ways: –


  • Fill in all 18 rounds of predictions and return by post or by hand with your name and Prediction nickname filled in on all sheets to ORLFC offices by Saturday 23 March.


  • Fill in the first 9 rounds with your name and Prediction nickname filled in on sheets for rounds 1-9 and return by post or by hand to ORLFC offices by Saturday 23 March.


Rounds 10-18 should be sent with your name and Prediction nickname filled in to ORLFC offices by Saturday 15 June


  • Make your predictions on a round by round basis online by sending to (Predictions must arrive by midnight on the day before the first game of that week’s matches.). If a game is postponed or rearranged after the printed fixtures are sent the prediction for that match will be carried forward to when the game is actually played.  E.g. If a game is switched because of progress in the Northern Rail or Challenge Cup competitions, predictions online should still be made as if the game was being played on the original date and this prediction will be carried forward to when the game is actually played.

  • Failure to comply with these rules will mean that week’s predictions will be null and void.

Results will be regularly announced on the website and in the match programme.











NAME                        __________________________________________________


ADDRESS     ___________________________________________________






POST CODE  ______________________


PREDICTION LEAGUE NICKNAME       ______________________________



CONTACT NUMBER           _____________________________


E MAIL ADDRESS (if applicable)   ___________________________________



I have filled in this application form online and enclose a cheque for £20

& my personal details.

I enclose a cheque for £20; please send me the fixture lists

which I will return including my name and prediction league nickname on the top of each fixture list by final date(s) as on previous page.


Cheques should be made out to ORLFC and sent or delivered to the club offices, Lansdowne Rd, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9EF


(Tick where applicable)