‘Positive’ talks between club and fans

Date published: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
OLDHAM Rugby League Club hope that, after talks last night with chairman Chris Hamilton, a group of fans with “concerns” about the Roughyeds’ future may have had some of their fears allayed.

Headed by Mark Heywood, five supporters had a 90-minute meeting at Whitebank with Hamilton and other club representatives.
It will be the forerunner of a second round of talks in a few weeks which may be attended by other stakeholders with an interest in the club’s future success.
Said Hamilton: “I’m pleased to report that it was a positive and fruitful meeting. I made it clear from the start that this was all about everyone pulling in the same direction, which is how the club will become more successful on and off the field.
“We discussed a range of topics about which the fans had expressed concerns, and in that regard the meeting was set to the fans’ agenda rather than anything prepared by the club.
“Hopefully, some of their fears will have been allayed but, realistically, this meeting was always going to be merely the start of a longer process because there are a number of things about which we need to continue our dialogue.
“We have agreed to meet again in a few weeks.
“In the meantime there will be things happening behind the scenes which will hopefully enable us to make progress together.
“As always there are several topics which, at this stage, have to remain confidential and that was understood by everyone at the meeting.
“However, we aim to update everybody as soon as we can as we bid to build on the fantastic start to the season which we are all enjoying thanks to the efforts of players and staff, headed by Scott Naylor.
“It would be hugely encouraging to see more people at Whitebank on Sunday to watch our top-of-the-table side go for their fifth win in five league matches when we entertain Gloucester All Golds.”
On behalf of the fans’ group, Heywood said: “In a well-organised meeting we had wide-ranging discussions and explored several issues that were of concern to supporters.
“We asked challenging questions to clarify and address many of the rumours which are surrounding the club.
“While some issues remain, as yet, unresolved it was a very open and positive meeting which had encouraging outcomes. We’ll meet again on June 1.
“Supporters and club management alike will be able to map a way forward that will benefit both the club and its fans.”