ORSA, Rugby Oldham join ‘positive’ talks

Date published: Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Representatives of Oldham RLFC (1997) Ltd, headed by chairman Chris Hamilton, had a second “extremely positive” meeting with supporters’ groups on Monday to discuss various aspects of how best to move the club forward in unison.

Supporters were represented by ORSA (Oldham Roughyeds Supporters’ Association), Rugby Oldham (the Supporters’ Community Trust) and an independent group, led by Mark Heywood, who had initial talks with the club several weeks ago.
Chairman John McAndrew was there for ORSA, while Rugby Oldham was represented by Geoff Cooke (chairman), Ian Wilson (secretary) and Brian Walker.
Various issues were discussed in “full and frank” debate and another meeting was arranged for Monday, July 13.
In a joint statement all parties agreed that more progress had been made towards determining the future direction of the club although there was nothing tangible to report at this stage.
Said club chairman Chris Hamilton: “It was another positive meeting and it was beneficial to have ORSA and Rugby Oldham present because key to anything we can achieve is the involvement of all relevant stakeholders.
“While we are still a way off reaching a decision-making stage, we are moving forward together and that is what we are all trying to achieve.”
Ian Wilson (Rugby Oldham): “We were very happy about the positive atmosphere of the meeting and, in particular, of Chris’s willingness to discuss, on a serious basis, different possibilities for the future ownership of the club.
“We are very happy also to confirm that we do not have, and have never had, a situation in which we are at loggerheads with the club even though communication has not always been the greatest.”
John McAndrew (ORSA): “Definitely a positive meeting — and one on which I will report back to members at our next meeting.”
Mark Heywood (independent supporters’ group): “This meeting was just as positive as the first one. Our aim was always to get the club and Rugby Oldham together in order to discuss if there is a better way to develop the club, using the expertise of the whole Oldham rugby league community, of which Rugby Oldham and ORSA are huge parts.”