ORLFC Players Association sponsor Roughyeds

Date published: Thursday, June 10, 2010

EACH of the players in our entire first-team squad is now sponsored individually thanks to the support and generosity of a wide range of Roughyeds supporters, both fans and companies. A big thank-you to everyone from all at the club.

The list was completed when the Oldham RLFC Players’ Association — more commonly known as the Ex-Players — came up with sponsorship for Luke Sutton, Ian Hodson and Scott Mansfield.

The association’s chairman is Martin Murphy, who spent 16 years at Watersheddings between 1966 and 1982, and made a remarkable 462 full-back appearances for Oldham — a post-war club record.

He had the honour of captaining the team in the old club’s centenary season of 1976-77.

When Roger Halstead retired as the Oldham Evening Chronicle’s rugby league reporter in 2005, after 41 years in the job, he had no hesitation in naming Murphy as the player who, in his opinion, had contributed most to the club in those 41 years in terms of long-service, loyalty, courage on the field and commitment to the Roughyeds jersey.

Appropriately, ‘Murph’ still wears a No 1 on his back — a mythical one this time — in his role as chairman of the Ex-Players.

He said the association was happy to assist the parent club in sponsoring Sutton, Hodson and Mansfield and added: “It’s our way of putting something into the club for this season and wishing the club well for the remainder of the campaign.”

Rachael Marsters, the Roughyeds’ commercial manager, attended a meeting of the Players’ Association a few weeks ago and there is now a direct link and a line of communication between players past and players present, as provided by Rachael from the Roughyeds and Bernard Halford from the Ex-Players.

Said Rachael: “Roughyeds extend a big and sincere thank-you to ALL our sponsors and, in so doing, wish the Players’ Association all the best in the hope that it will continue to go from strength to strength.

“Players often make lifelong friends among their fellow players and it is good that they should stick together as a group when their playing days are over.”

The full list of player sponsorships is as follows:

Tony Benson                G & G Carpets & Bed Centre

Paul O’Connor              Mack Video Services
Lucas Onyango            Rob the Gardener
Mick Fogerty               Jack Fogerty and Family
John Gillam                  Nigel Marland
Neil Roden                    Xpress Solutions
Matty Ashe                   Peter & Maureen Woodhead
Jason Boults                Clayton Green Brewers Fayre
Martin Roden                Cagney & Lacey
Dave Ellison                 iKreativ Web Design
Kashley Watkins           John & Lynda McAndrew
Joe Chandler                Mick Harrop
Luke Sutton                  Oldham RL Past Players Association
Craig Robinson              Sue and the Spanish Roughyed
Wayne Kerr                   Mark Bates & Sons
Danny Whitmore            AMP Wire
Chris Clarke                   Paul Whalley & Kyle Cook
Ben Heaton                    Willscaff
Mark Brocklehurst         John Barrett
Valu Bentley                  Whittles Pub
Paul Reilly                    Pizza Hut Oldham
Ben Mellor                    Sharpflex
Marcus St Hilaire         Levers Fish & Chip Restaurant
Scott Mansfield             Oldham RL Past Players Association
Ian Hodson                   Oldham RL Past Players Association
Jamie I’Anson              Howarth Flooring Contractors