News on the Financial Front

Date published: Thursday, April 11, 2013
OLDHAM Rugby League Club has confirmed that it has received a winding-up petition from HMRC and has issued the following statement:

“The club has worked hard to keep its payments to HMRC up to date and once this relatively small outstanding sum of just over £6k is paid in the next few days the club’s tax liabilities will be completely up to date.
“We understand fully why HMRC have taken this action, but would like to point out that it arose only because we had planned to pay off the outstanding sum with money that is owed to the club and did not arrive within the previously agreed timescales.
“The current financial climate is undoubtedly having an adverse impact and our cash-flow situation was not helped by a close season which lasted six months, the longest we have ever had.
“Furthermore, the club has had payments to make over the last three years to the previous owner, which were completed in December 2012.
“All this at a time when RFL funding to all clubs, but particularly to those in Championship One, has been significantly reduced.
“Despite this, the club took the decision to run and maintain an under-20s side which is seen to be a key part of its player development, as underlined by the fact that seven players in this season’s first-team squad —- Jamie Dallimore, Danny Langtree, Phil Joy, Kenny Hughes, Steven Nield, Michael Ward and David Cookson — all came up through the ranks of the second team.
“In these difficult economic times clubs need to do a financial balancing act and our club is no exception.”