New dawn

Date published: Monday, April 19, 2010

Keen supporter Sam Kershaw’s striking poster of the Roughyeds’ ‘New Dawn’ at Whitebank has been warmly welcomed by the club who are delighted to reproduce it here.

At a time when club and fans alike are joining forces to tackle the vast amount of work that needs to be done at the ground, it is heartening to learn that supporters are more than willing to roll up their sleeves.
This is indeed a ‘New Dawn’ for the Oldham club — and to recognise that fact we have opened a special ‘ground news’ section on the website which will deal exclusively with all Whitebank-related matters in the coming weeks and months.

Sam, who lives in the Daisy Nook area, has taken a week off work to put in his stint in the labour of love.

“Unlike some of our younger fans, I’m old enough to vividly recall the old Watersheddings ground,” he said, “and the move to Whitebank is a new beginning or a new dawn, which inspired me to do the poster.

“If Whitebank can produce the atmosphere we used to get at Watersheddings — and I’m sure it will — it will be fantastic for everyone connected with the club and it will bring a lot of memories back for a lot of people.

“I was the club’s mascot throughout the 1994-95 season and I was lucky enough to be on duty the day we were in the Challenge Cup semi-final against Wigan at Huddersfield. Before the game I dreamed of becoming the first mascot ever to lead the side out at Wembley. It wasn’t to be, but I had the consolation of winning £100 in a draw becaue Denis Betts scored the first try of the game.

“My family have been close supporters of the club for many, many years and I am proud to be keeping up the tradition.

“So this IS a new dawn . . . and I say to all Roughyeds supporters past and present: let’s make the most of this beginning. Upwards and onwards, Oldham!”