More talks with fans’ groups

Date published: Friday, July 17, 2015
OLDHAM RLFC (1997) Ltd, and its owner/chairman Chris Hamilton, have had another meeting with ORSA (Oldham Roughyeds Supporters’ Association), Rugby Oldham (Supporters’ Trust) and a group of independent fans to further discuss issues relevant to the club’s future.
These include ground development at Whitebank; better communication with fans via a new, superior website and more vigorous use of social media; and exhaustive talks into the possibility of supporter involvement in the club’s ownership.
Mr Hamilton has said many times in the past that he would welcome talks with any interested parties and from that stance he has never wavered.
ORSA say their ‘modus operandi’ is to directly support the club, coaching staff and players. Being involved in part ownership of the parent club is not within their remit, although some individual members of the association have said they might be interested when more details emerge.
Rugby Oldham, on the other hand, is interested in opening dialogue with the club regarding potential involvement in ownership but if talks were to ever reach the stage of a particular scheme becoming a practical proposition, the Trust’s board would need to seek approval from its membership. It already has a mandate to open preliminary discussions.
Mr Hamilton was not in a position at this stage to report any progress on ground development, but he hoped to be in the not too distant future.
In the meantime, Rugby Oldham will be seeking advice and guidance from Supporters’ Direct, the national organisation to which it is affiliated, and Mr Hamilton will consider a timeline for further talks with the Trust’s board.
The club can also announce that a new and upgraded website will be established in consultation with the RFL’s communications department and, in particular, with its web and social media expert Adam Treeby.