Junction Inn Travel update

Date published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi everyone

On Sunday we had a chat with those that came on our trip to South Wales to try and get the consensus of opinion as to how people would like the trips to run in terms of how soon before kick off they would like to aim to get there, how soon after the game they want to leave etc.

As a result of this we will aim with all future trips (beginning with Keighley) to arrive approximately 1 hour before kick off and to set off back around 1 hour and 15 minutes after the full time whistle in order to allow ample drinking time before and after the game!

For the longer trips (South Wales and London) we will also factor in a 30 minute breakfast stop on the way down at Hollies Transport Cafe just off J12 of the M6, near Cannock. Good food and reasonable prices, a far better bet than rip off service stations!

If breakfast stops are wanted for the middle distance trips (Cumbrian clubs, Gateshead etc) that’s fine, again we’ll try to get a consensus of opinion on that before those trips come up.

On all trips toilet stops are no problem, just shout up when you need it!


Mark and Mike

Junction Inn