Investor in customers partnership

Date published: Friday, August 29, 2014

The RFL is teaming up with independent assessors Investor in Customers to evaluate the governing body’s relationships with Rugby League’s stakeholders, including fans and players.

The RFL will become the country’s first sporting national governing body to partner Investor in Customers (IIC), who perform independent assessments to establish how well an organisation delivers its services and the strength of its stakeholder relationships.

The practically-based IIC assessment process provides detailed analysis and insights that help to create an environment of continuous improvement, and in the future will allow the RFL to carry the IIC logo as a mark of its customer relations.

RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood said: “We are always looking to maintain and develop our relationship with all stakeholders within the Rugby League family and this association with Investors in Customers will allow the governing body to build on the strides we have made in recent years.

“The RFL has put a significant amount of time and effort into listening to the opinions of the game’s followers, highlighted by the success of initiatives like our Let’s Talk Rugby League campaign.

“Investor in Customers is a highly-regarded, nationally-respected organisation whose clients include some of the biggest companies in the country and working with them will help the RFL reach the next step in stakeholder satisfaction.”