Injury jinx has struck again

Date published: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OLDHAM RL Club’s injury jinx has struck again, this time hitting centre Mick Fogerty in his first game of the season against South Wales Scorpions on Sunday.

If a 40-20 defeat in Caerphilly wasn’t bad enough, Fogerty picked up a serious-looking knee injury in his first Roughyeds appearance since last year’s Grand Final defeat by York City Knights in Warrington.

Fogerty signed off with a try in that final and signed on again with a 28th-minute touchdown in his comeback game in Wales before he went down in agony under the weight of a three-man tackle midway through the second half.

He was hit by the rampaging Welsh forwards after rescuing Roughyeds by retrieving a kick under Oldham’s posts. They forced him back over the try line whereupon his knee gave way under the force of the impact.

Play was delayed for a few minutes before Fogerty was helped from the field. Later he was hobbling around on crutches while waiting to travel back to Oldham on the team coach.

Said coach Tony Benson: “We’ll have a better idea about the full extent of the injury when Mick is examined during the week, but it didn’t look good.

“He was in a lot of pain and because the knee was badly swollen the physio needed to let the injury settle down before examining it properly.

“It’s too early to make predictions, but our early fears are that it could be a few weeks of a job rather than a few days.”

This is the latest in a series of injury setbacks that have hit Roughyeds hard this year, mainly hitting senior backs like Lucas Onyango, John Gillam, Marcus St Hilaire and now Fogerty.

Prop Jason Boults was another casualty of Caerphilly. He damaged an ankle in the first few minutes and was led from the field, never to return.

Unlike Fogerty, he was later able to walk unaided but only with the joint heavily strapped. He too will be assessed this week along with fellow props Dave Ellison (hamstring) and Liam Gilchrist (shoulder).

Commenting on the South Wales game, Tony B said: “I’m still waiting for the DVD of the game from South Wales, but clearly we were off the mark. I am convinced that one of the main reasons for that was that we played to the field rather than to the opposition.

“It was a wide field, but we didn’t stick to what we had practised. We went too wide on defence and this left holes through which their quick guys exploited us. We also threw the ball around too much instead of sticking to our plan, apart from a spell at the start of the game and then again late in the game plus a couple of patches in between.

“It was a very disappointing performance. Some players played well; some played well in patches; but overall we were outplayed and out-enthused for most of the game and we paid the price.

“The bounce of the ball went against us but that usually happens when you are not on top of your game. Also, you can’t win a match if you don’t have the ball and we didn’t have a lot of the ball because we gave it up too easily.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses, but we did have sickness in the camp. Neil Roden wasn’t at all well — he was sick at half-time — and he wasn’t on his own.”

Roughyeds have lost each of their four away games in the league — an amazing turn-around to last season when Tony’s boys won every single league game on the road to create a club record.