How Tony saw it

Date published: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roughyeds coach Tony Benson expressed the view in his post-match media interview following our 28-16 win at Workington that his side were on the way back after their heavy defeat by Hunslet seven days earlier — not there yet, but definitely on the way.

He said: “We started slowly. We got off the bus a bit late. The start wasn’t there. That was probably my fault. I tried to create a low key, more relaxed atmosphere, but it clearly didn’t work. You learn from things like that.

“We didn’t go at all well in the first 20, but we hung in there and stayed with them — that pleased me — and then we hit our straps when Whitty (Whitmore) went on to spark things off around the rucks.

“On the back of that Dave Ellison and Luke Sutton took us forward. It was also good to have Junior (St Hilaire) back in the centre to add a bit of guidance.

“In the last ten minutes we looked at the scorboard, thought we had it won, and took our eyes off the ball. It was, however, a big comeback after the Hunslet game.

“We did very well in producing the stuff we had worked on during the week. We were sharp around the rucks and we had no problem getting out of our own half, but the kicks on the end of our clearing sets were not good enough and too many of them went dead.

“The back-rowers all went well and the centres ran better lines. Also, everyone played for each other, and that was the theme of the game.

“I wouldn’t say we were completely back to our best form, but the foundations are definitely there again and I think I can safely say we are back on the horse.

“As for that skirmish at the end, POC (O’Connor) feels he is not getting the protection he needs. He has taken a few high shots in recent games, and this one was no exception. You’ve got to ask yourself: Is POC’s face on our opponents’ tackle bags?”