How Scott saw it

Date published: Monday, August 4, 2014

A FEW choice words from Scott Naylor at half-time worked wonders in our 38-28 win at London Skolars.

We led 14-0 after 12 minutes, but then let our standards slip and we trailed 22-20 at half-time.
Enter Scott stage left.
“We needed to rev things up in the second half, so the lads were given a bit of a roasting,” admitted Oldham’s team boss.
“In fairness to them, they were mature about it and very receptive. It seemed to work well because, in effect, we won the game in the first 20 minutes of the second half with two converted tries by Josh Crowley and Danny Langtree in the space of eight minutes.
“It’s always a tough game in London, as we vividly recall from our last trip in March when we won 18-16 and were sweating to the end.
“This time, we never looked like losing, but we were up and down, patchy to say the least.
“It might have been caused by a bit of mental fatigue, given that this game was the last in a block of four which included going head to head with our two closest rivals, York and Hunslet, in successive weeks.
“Whatever the reasons, we had to deal with it.
“In the end we got across the finishing line with another win under our belts, this reinforcing the old argument that sometimes in sport you have to win ugly if you are going to win at all.
“What we have done a few times this season is to hit our top level of performance, but then let it slide somewhat, which is what happened again here.
“The challenge we face now is not so much to establish a platform from which to launch our best rugby — we often do that — but, having reached that level, to discover how to maintain it for the rest of the game.
“The hardest part of rugby is to perform the basics consistently well. We regularly do it for a spell, but we must strive to make those spells much longer.
“The forwards were a lot better in the second half and that made all the difference.
“The longer we can maintain those levels, the harder it will be for any team in this division to turn us over.”