Hemel 44 Oldham 32

Date published: Monday, June 9, 2014
The least said the better about our disappointing 44-32 defeat at Hemel, the one positive being that we managed to take a bonus point, although that will be of little consolation to Scott and the boys.

For once, our forwards took a pounding from a monster pack plus a huge Eddie Mbaraga, who was given on the team sheet as Jy-mel Coleman’s half-back partner.
In reality he was an extra forward, Hemel relying heavily on at least matching us up front and then leaving the classy Coleman to do the best.
It was a plan that worked a treat, although Scott expressed his feelings in no uncertain terms afterwards when he slammed his team’s poor attitude, particularly in defence and said Hemel tackled harder, worked harder and ran harder.
He had no complaints whatsoever about the result — just the way in which Oldham defended and leaked seven tries, some of them which could be described at the very least as “softies”.
In yet another remarkable game — we are getting used to these in what is now a superbly competitive Championship One division — the lead changed hands five times, four of them during an amazing ten-minute spell in the second half.
We scored six cracking tries, the big problem being that Hemel scored one more and Coleman capped a great individual performance by landing eight goals from nine shots, kicking us to death and completely running the show.
Hemel led 18-16 at half time and scored again early in the second half before we had a great spell and regained the lead at 26-24.
Each side then scored again in turn before Stags took the game away from us with two late tries, one of them an interception, down our left flank.
At 44-32 the home side needed one more point to deny us a bonus, but Coleman was wide with a penalty attempt from half way and then missed a drop goal which meant we at least got something out of the game, and surely nobody would deny us that.
Oldham scorers: goals, Palfrey 4/6; tries, Roper, Ford (2), Crowley, Tyson, Agoro.
Hemel: Cameron; Hill, Brown, Small, Morgan; Mbaraga, Coleman; Maloney, Simmonds, Howitt, Pascal, Clough, Ljazouri. Subs: Kavanagh, Bailey, Chester, Navarette.
Oldham: Nield; Agoro, Cookson, Ford, Bloomfield; Palfrey, Roper; Boults, Whitmore, Joy, Crowley, Langtree, Gee. Subs: Tyson, Ward, Hughes, Mason.
Ref: D Merrick; Att: 233