Community game given increased representation on RL council

Date published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Rugby League Council has agreed a number of changes to improve governance structures within the sport and increase the community game’s representation at the highest level of governance.

The changes follow The Watkins Review of Rugby League Governance, a detailed study of governance structures, which made a number of recommendations when it was published in July 2012.

At a recent RL Council meeting proposals were agreed to increase the Community Board’s representation on the RFL Council from six to seven,.comprising Armed Forces (1), BARLA (1), English Schools (1), Tier 3 adult leagues (1), Tier 4 adult leagues (1), youth and junior leagues  (1), and Student RL (1).


In line with these changes the Community Board, which is the governance level below the RL Council,– will have 11 members in total, comprising Armed Forces (1), BARLA (1), English Schools (1), Student RL (1), youth and junior leagues (1), Tier 3 adult leagues (1), tier 4 adult leagues (1) together with the RF’s chief executive and chairman and two independent members.

RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood said: “These changes will give the community game an increased voice at the highest level of our sport. I believe this reflects the expansion of the community game. “