Coaches comments

Date published: Monday, April 19, 2010

RIVAL coaches Tony Benson and Paul March saw things differently in the Roughyeds’ 42-12 Carnegie Challenge Cup fourth-round defeat at the South Leeds Stadium.

This is what they said in the aftermath of a niggly match in which Ben Heaton (twice) and David March were sin-binned; Mick Fogerty was sent off following an off-the-ball incident; and Lucas Onyango had cause to complain to referee Craig Halloran about an alleged remark made by an opponent.

First Paul March: “They (Oldham) came with a tactic and they nearly got away with it for 70 minutes. There are parts of our game we need to address and we’ll do that. But they came with a game plan and they were allowed to get away with it for far too long.

“There were a few incidents off the ball I am concerned with as well so we will take a look at that and the right people will take action on it.”

Now Tony B: “I don’t know what he is saying. Our game plan was to keep the ball off them and stay down at their end of the field.

“We were penalised 17 times and when that happens you are bound to be on the back foot. We were drawn in — no question. Next week we might be penalised only six times, but there is clearly something we need to look at and it comes down to discipline.

“I don’t know at this stage whether all 17 penalties were justified, but the referee is out there and you assume he is right, and that is what I’ll do.

“At half-time we talked about the fact that they had got only 16 points on us despite having all the ball and all the territory. We felt that if we could start to hold lthe ball and get some good territory we could get back into the game and that’s exactly what happened.

“However, when you have been defending all the first half it is difficult enough to play good attacking rugby in the second half with 13 men on the field, let alone 11. A lack of discipline is not acceptable, whatever the circumstances. We have to look ourselves and blame ourselves.

“To end up two players down was self-destruction. There are players who can hold their heads up, but some of the others lost the plot. I suppose we are all different and we will react to situations in different ways. Frustration was the word of the day, I suppose.

“I think we were frustrated at what was happening on the field; frustrated by what Hunslet were getting away with; and then perhaps a little bit frustrated with each other.

“We now face a big week of training and preparation to get ourselves ready for the game against Gateshead on Saturday night at Sedgley Park (7.30) when we need to show that we are still a good team.”