Chris Hamilton

Date published: Monday, September 17, 2012

OLDHAM RL club chief Chris Hamilton is ready to talk to anyone who would like to join the board.
He took time out from finalising the appointment of a new head coach to tell staff, sponsors, players and supporters: “I’m running this club on my own only because no one else wants to do it.
“It’s hard, and there’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.
“If any of you know of anyone who would want to come in and work with me — or even instead of me — you let me know.
“If there is anyone out there who would want to have a go in helping to run this club I would be only too delighted to hear from them.”
Speaking at the Roughyeds’ end-of-season awards dinner, he said there was a big job ahead, involving significant development work at Whitebank and the need to build a 2013 squad which would be strong enough to win promotion.
Everyone, he added, would have a role to play as the club got back into the swing of things in readiness for next season, but progress would only be made if everyone was pulling in the same direction.
He added: “Let me make it absolutely clear; we are fortunate to have excellent supporters home and away as well as a very loyal and dedicated staff, which always delivers more than one could reasonably expect.
“At the start of this last season we were the last club to lose our ‘unbeaten’ tag and everyone thought this was going to be our year.
“We were unlucky, a short time later, to start an incredible run of injuries, which had a massive effect.
“By the time we were starting to get players back it was too late.”
He went on: “I take off my hat to Martin Roden, and to what he achieved as caretaker coach in a few weeks, but we have to look forward now to 2013 when we will be in a division nobody wanted to be in.”