Bragging rights up for grabs this weekend

Date published: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BARRING injuries or surprise selections, Oldhamers will go head to head with fellow Oldhamers in a fascinating clash of centres and wingers when Roughyeds play Blackpool Panthers at the Whitebank Stadium on Sunday (3.00pm kick off), writes ROGER HALSTEAD.

On the Roughyeds’ left flank will be the Oldham-born pair of centre Mick Fogerty and his wing partner John Gillam.

And eye-balling them from Blackpool’s right flank will be two more speed men who were also brought up within shouting distance of Owdham Edge — Casey Mayberry and Damian Munro.

In a top-three clash that could have a major bearing on end-of-season league placings and play-off prospects, Roughyeds will be out to inflict more pain on the Panthers who were beaten in Championship 1 for the first time this season at York last Sunday.

Mayberry and Munro each scored a try in that match, while Oldham’s Fogerty touched down twice in the Roughyeds’ 28-16 win at Workington.

Come Sunday, Fogerty and Gillam on one side and Mayberry and Munro on the other will be jostling for the “made in Oldham” bragging rights, while Fogerty and his Roughyeds team mate Lucas Onyango will be posing a twin threat to Munro in the Championship 1 try-scoring charts.

Oldham’s try scorers to date in all competitions are as follows: Onyango 14, Fogerty 13, O’Connor 11, Chandler 8, Gillam 8, Ashe 7, Brocklehurst 6, Ellison 4, Boults 3, Clarke 2, Heaton 2, Kear 2, Murtza 2, M Roden 2, N Roden 2, Whitmore 2, Littler 1, Reilly 1, Robinson 1, Sutton 1.

Matty Ashe

Top try scorers in Championship 1 are: Wayne McHugh (Hunslet) 12, Lucas Onyango (OLDHAM) 11, Wayne English (Hornets) 11, Damian Munro (Blackpool) 10, Lee Waterman (York) 10, Mick Fogerty (OLDHAM) 9, Danny Ratcliffe (York) 9).

Thanks to Matty Ashe, Roughyeds are also challenging strongly at the upper end of the Championship 1 goalkicking and points-scoring tables.

In league competition, only York’s Lee Waterman, with 55, has kicked more goals than Ashe’s 42, while third place with 36 is occupied by another player who will be on view at Whitebank on Sunday, Blackpool’s Tom Hemingway.

The goalkicking form of Oldham’s Ashe and Blackpool’s Hemingway could have a major say in the outcome of Sunday’s mouth-watering clash.

The top five places go to Waterman (York) 55; Ashe (OLDHAM) 42; Hemingway (Blackpool) 36; Kaighan (Workington) 32; Lloyd White (South Wales) 31.

The league’s top five points scorers are Waterman 150; Ashe 104; McHugh 92; Kaighan 88; Hemingway 80.