Bensons thoughts on Derby loss

Date published: Monday, June 25, 2012

This is what coach Tony Benson had to say of our defeat by Rochdale Hornets by 30-4:

“We gave away too many penalties, and we deserved to. We talked before the game about not letting Rochdale frustrate us, but we reacted and got penalised and you can’t win a game like that without the ball.

“We kept dropping the ball as well, which meant we had too much tackling to do.
“On top of that, certain individuals in key positions gave nightmare performances.

“We went into the game on the back of two weeks of extremely good training. We couldn’t possibly have prepared any better for this game, and the boys agreed.

“We were in the game until the 55th minute, when Hornets stretched their lead from 6-4 to 12-4, but the game went away from us at that point and we couldn’t get it back.

“I saw a team struggling to find form, but we couldn’t have put any more into it. Defensively we were very good in the first half, but at the start of the second half we were quickly on the back foot because we failed to cope with their restart kick and we had to drop out from under the posts.

“That was the last thing we needed when playing up the slope and against the wind, It made the second half pretty difficult for us right from the start.

“We had the ball only eight times in the second half and if we didn’t get pulled for a forward pass we would drop the ball. We were playing catch-up and trying too hard.

“Building pressure went out of the window, then we got into a panic.”