Bensons Thoughts

Date published: Monday, August 6, 2012

TONY Benson put down our first-half indiscipline for a disappointing performance in a 42-16 defeat at Barrow.

We were penalised seven times in the first 40 minutes and 11 times in total, for a variety of offences but mainly for high shots or untidy defending at the ruck.

We are not on their own in taking a pounding at Craven Park this season, where Raiders are unbeaten in the league, but Tony felt we had only ourselves to blame for being on the wrong end of such a scoreline.

“If you give away penalties and surrender territory against a side like Barrow, you are going to get killed,” said the Oldham boss.

“You can’t win without the ball, and in the first half we didn’t have it.

“They are a big side and they have players who can make things happen, so the last thing you want is to have them camped out in your half of the field.

“We knew we needed to play them as much as we could in their half, but we gave away dumb penalties — five in a row in the first 20 minutes — and that was the story of the first half.

“Too many penalties meant we had too much defending to do and that caused us to tire which in turn produced errors — simple as that.

“We had prepared well over two weeks. We were up for it and ready for it — so much so that I was confident pre-match that we would do well.

“We didn’t give ourselves a chance to play, however, because of our many infringements .

“When we cut them out later in the game we dominated for a spell, scoring two late tries and going close on other occasions.

“For that brief spell we showed what we could do.

“The frustrating thing is that we could and should have played like that for all the game, but we didn’t give ourselves the opportunity.”