Bensons thoughts

Date published: Monday, June 11, 2012

OLDHAM boss Tony Benson said he was “devastated” by the circumstances of another defeat, which means we have now gone seven league games without a win, stretching back to April 1.

We had two second-half tries disallowed for forward passes; missed a gilt-edged chance to score another try when the game was finely balanced; and were caned 8-0 in the second-half penalty count.

Said Tony: “We began very poorly. We were unsettled from the start and that was because circumstances dictated that I had to throw a team together on Saturday morning.

“I had only 18 to choose from. Typical of our recent misfortune, Chris Clarke was over his shoulder injury and ready to play, but on the very last play of Thursday’s training session he pulled a hamstring. I didn’t know until Friday night that I would have Colton Roche on dual-registration from Leeds, and neither he nor two others were available for training on Saturday.

“On top of that we expected three or four to be back after injury, but we had only one, Neil Roden.

“When there’s so much disruption, so much uncertainty and you can’t put a team together until the last minute it makes life very difficult, and I’m sure that’s why we started so badly.

“Things started to come together as the game wore on and we totally dominated the last 20 minutes of the first half to take a substantial interval lead.

“The penalty count was massive against us in the second half when we also had two tries disallowed, which would have put the game to bed.

“Justified or not, you can’t be on the wrong end of a penalty count like that — and I felt it was a bit harsh — without running into problems because of all the defending you have to do. In the last 20 minutes we only had four sets with the ball.

“Apart from early on, I don’t think we played badly, but once again we’ve only got one bonus point to show for it.”