A Roughyed volunteer’s day out

Date published: Monday, April 19, 2010

Roughyeds are delighted to report that thanks to the sterling efforts of six volunteers, a consignment of over 350 seats for our new stadium at Whitebank and acquired from the old ground at Wilderspool in Warrington, arrived at our new home last weekend.

In a four-and-a-half hour operation, the six volunteers, Tony, Kevin, Chris, Graham, Paul and Grant, dismantled the seats and prepared them for the following day when they would be loaded onto transport by more volunteers and driven to Whitebank where they were unloaded by even more volunteers.

One of the volunteers at Wilderspool, Grant Somerville said, “Although this was a particularly difficult operation, it was just one of many in which volunteers have been sweating blood trying to bring to life the dream of have our own stadium.

“The pride and camaraderie amongst the volunteers has to be experienced to be believed and I would urge anyone with any spare time at all to come down to Whitebank and do even just a little bit; it all adds up!”

Grant also penned the following piece in tribute to his fellow volunteers on the Warrington job:

A Roughyed Volunteer’s Day Out.
(Dedicated to Tony, Kevin, Chris, Graham, Paul and Grant)

The Magnificent Six were out for the day,
And down to Warrington they made their way,
The Club said, “We need a few seats, not yellow but blue,
So when you get to Wilderspool, you’ll know just what to do.”

At the old ground, they looked at the main stand in awe,
And when John from the Wolves said, “Yu’v gorra tek em aw!”
Their eyes glazed over, how many’s that they then wondered?
But John grinned and said, “You take just over three hundred!”

The bolts gave in to their spanners and the boys all stuck to the task,
There was going to be no quarter given and nor did anyone ask,
The seats were then lowered down 20 feet, once they’d been unloosed,
And when they were all down on the ground, the gang were just about goosed.

The transport would pick them up tomorrow and they’d be loaded up by others,
But that would not be by this team, this weary ‘band of brothers!’

The speedy return to White Bank seemed to be done in a wink,
And into the comfy chairs in the Snack Bar, they did quickly sink,
That was more than enough for one day, what was the next thing to do?
The ‘brothers’ voices rang out as one and they said, “Let’s have a brew!”

Grant Somerville April 16th 2010.